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Is this the breed for you

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are very sociable dogs. 

They love to interact with people and are especially fond of children. They love other canines and will adjust very well to felines if put in the same home. You will be on your way to a healthier lifestyle after you purchase a Golden Retriever. 

Golden Retrievers are high-energy dogs and need to be exercised daily. A slow walk at ones side is not sufficient, although it is better than no walk at all. The best way to exercise your Golden Retriever is to take it out to a field and let it run and sniff which it loves to do. Leaving a Golden Retriever unattended for long periods of time may destroy him mentally.

Proper nutrition is also important. I feed my Goldens Canadae holistic dog food.  My Golden Retrievers are given lots of love, care and attention, along with lots of exercise and good nutrition. If you also do this with your Golden Retriever, he or she should live a long and happy life and in return give you lots of love and companionship.

Why would you want a Golden Retriever?
• Golden Retrievers love children, people and other dogs. 
• Golden Retrievers love socializing with people and other dogs.
• Golden Retrievers love retrieving and playing.
• Golden Retrievers are very loyal, gentle and faithful animals.
• A Golden Retriever will be your lifelong friend.
• Once you have had a Golden Retriever, you will probably purchase another one some day.

Why would you not want a Golden Retriever?
Golden Retrievers have beautiful fur coats however they do shed hair. If pet hair is a concern for you, then a Golden Retriever is not the dog for you. 

I also breed Himalayan cats.  I have Flame point as well as Blue point.  They are loving sociable cats and get along well with my Goldens.

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