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Hi ! My name is Caroline Martens-Clappison. I have had dogs around me since the day I was born. Have a look around. And please reach out if you have any questions.


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Why I breed dogs

A breeder should only have one purpose in mind when breeding;  to improve the breed. 

A breeder should always be there for their dogs. I do not believe in dogs being left in crates all day and only being let out for bathroom purposes, grooming and dog shows. Dogs should only be bred every two years with a maximum of three litters per lifetime. 

I have personal interaction with my dogs, exercising them, playing with them, training them, showing them and making sure the puppies go to responsible owners.


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6703 Maplecrest Place
Regina, Saskatchewan, S4X 3Z1

(306) 543-5178



6703 Maplecrest Place
Regina, Saskatchewan, S4X 3Z1



(306) 543-5178

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